Julia Holland

From advertising agency copywriter in the UK to positions as marketing manager for travel, finance and government corporations in Australia, Julia has real-world insight into what works and what fails in branding and communication. She is quick to get to the strategic core of a challenge and combines this with creativity to turn bland information into stories that touch and motivate people. 

She is determined to rid the world of boring business jargon and has trained and mentored many people in effective communication. Her interest in the power of company culture has grown since she was a key member of QIC’s cultural development team.

When not writing for clients, Julia writes! She has had four children’s novels published and participated in the Nestlé Write Around Australia program running creative writing workshops for remote and regional schools. She also writes about her other preoccupation – life, the universe and everything. A keen traveller, especially in India, Julia is fascinated by psychology, myths and the philosophies that shape lives. She is also an amateur beekeeper!