Nicki Lloyd

Nicki is driven by a passion to make a difference, which shows in both her dedication to clients’ goals and her determination to get to the heart of every challenge. Her astute business sense, her innate positivity and her many years of design experience combine to nurture unique brands that achieve lasting business benefit.

She is the lead strategist for clients and is hands-on, running workshops and applying design thinking to every challenge.

From her early career with leading studios in Australia and London, Nicki gathered broad experience, which was consolidated in her work as brand mentor for the Queensland Government’s Ulysses Program (a business transformation-by-design program to advance Queensland products and services). Her design-thinking leadership was further recognised with the Queensland Premier’s Smart State Design Fellowship award in 2011 and a position on the Queensland Design Council. She was also one of ‘Queensland’s A-listers’ invited to lunch with Her Majesty the Queen on her last visit to Australia.

Nicki is also a keen photographer and brings her creative touch to a range of activities including cooking and print-making.