Take action. Touch hearts. Open pockets.

The new name, look and manifesto for the charity of Freemasons Queensland repositioned it as a contemporary organisation. While being true to its century-old values, the charity needed to be more distinctive and relevant to remain competitive in raising vital funds for the community.

Hand Heart Pocket website home page design on desktop, tablet and phone

Freemasons Queensland invested in extensive development work with Lloyd Grey to explore its aspirations and discover where its opportunities lay. With courage, it embraced a name change and brought new colour and zest to its fundraising.

Hand Heart Pocket The Charity of Freemasons Queensland logo brand mark design

Lloyd Grey worked with the Freemasons’ values to develop the new brand foundations, name and logo. The name was something which was very close to the brethren’s hearts as well as accessible to the public. It is taken from the Freemasons’ gesture of hand, heart and pocket symbolising their pledge to give practical help, genuine empathy and financial generosity to those who need it most.

Hand Heart Pocket From Queenslanders' Hearts illustration
Hand Heart Pocket Making More Possible tree illustration
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The new logo for the brand features both traditional elements that reflect the Freemasons’ past and a contemporary interpretation in distinctive colours chosen for their symbolic associations.

Hand Heart Pocket is now the face of Freemasons Queensland fundraising at both local and state level, inspiring the community, corporate givers and charity partners.

Hand Heart Pocket brand ambassadors
Hand Heart Pocket brand ambassador with freemason

A brand that represents the heart of Freemasonry

Lloyd Grey appreciates Freemasons Queensland’s trust in sharing so much with non-brethren. We believe this successful brand shows what can be achieved when everyone is dedicated to making a real and lasting difference.


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