A rebrand with a significant advantage

SignManager is a signage consultancy that plans, manages, implements and maintains signage projects on any scale, from a single site to a nationwide network. Lloyd Grey’s challenge was to clearly differentiate SignManager in an increasingly competitive market where sign manufacturers sell direct to clients but with limited capability of managing the entire lifecycle of the sign.

SignManager brand brochure infographic design
SignManager business card

As part of a rebrand, Lloyd Grey went through an in-depth discovery process with the leadership team to understand the business before capturing their entire value proposition which had been eluding them. We were able to capture and represent their service offering – planning, design, risk management, procurement, maintenance, reporting and metrics – in a single tool that immediately demonstrated their unique value to prospective clients.

SignManager brand language Capture escaping resources web banner design

From there, we created distinctive ways to communicate the brand and SignManager’s unique benefits for major business chains.

SignManager significant advantage diagram

Sometimes complex ideas and processes are best communicated visually and the infographics that Lloyd Grey developed for SignManager were a vital part of the brand language. The sense of connection and personal service was captured in the simple graphic of interconnected faces and in the human face of the brand material.

SignManager Smarter Sign Management profile brochure
SignManager creating customer connections brochure page

The result is a highly differentiated brand that quickly gained fresh traction with its target markets. The presentation material we developed changed the conversation for SignManager and made it easy to engage clients with a clear and compelling story that resulted in significant wins for the business.

The SignManager website home page


Brand essence
Brand identity
Brand collateral
Website and digital design
Video animation


“We engaged Lloyd Grey to assist us with a review of our business to identify the core elements that make our company unique and the benefits that our clients enjoy when using our services. Tim and his team of specialist staff showed incredible insight in understanding our business and progressively developed a clear and distinctive way to communicate our story to our target customers. The results are immediately noticeable with a measurable uptake in responses to new customer presentations.”

Kevin Gordon, General Manager, SignManager

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