A deceptively simple idea builds brand recognition

A Lloyd Grey rebrand for B&R enclosures built a solid brand foundation, humanised a technical product and created a distinctive logo and copy approach that makes every piece of communication instantly recognisable.

Best of breed B&R poster

The brand-mark was developed with a colour palette that is both contemporary but sober enough to convey security and safety. Each division of the company has its own distinctive colour variation.

B&R brandmark family

The distinctive logo is used in bold headlines featuring words beginning with ‘Br’. This device really helps the company stand out in a utility sector. The brand positioning and photography emphasises the company’s role in the community – not just its technical strengths.

Family businesses are often large and thriving businesses but have particular challenges and strengths not always shared by corporations. Lloyd Grey was delighted to help this family business position itself with new style and professionalism to support its growth targets.


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“We approached Lloyd Grey for a branding exercise because we didn’t have a cohesive brand position. They added most value by expressing our brand story. The process was very accommodating, we felt like there was an alignment and overall very good results.”

Chris Bridges-Taylor, General Manager, B&R Enclosures

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