Building brand strength in a cost-driven market

B&R Enclosures (an Australian family-owned business who make electrical enclosures and cabinets) were facing increasing competition from inferior, imported products in a market that tends to buy on price alone. Lloyd Grey’s rebrand helped them to communicate their quality and their Australian credentials with a clever brand that reinforces the B&R strengths and values.

B&R Enclosures brand language website Best of Breed

It was very important to make the brand instantly recognisable and the owners wanted to retain an Australian symbol in their brand mark. Lloyd Grey developed the brand mark around the ‘BR’ and expressed it in a colour palette that reflects the Australian landscape and the different environments where the enclosures are used.

B&R Enclosures divisions brand mark system design

The ‘BR’ approach is also incorporated into bold advertising and was used to introduce brand values and build the company’s culture. This clever device really helps the company stand out in the utility sector. The brand photography is human-focused and this is also distinctive as it emphasises the company’s people and role in the community – not just its technical strengths.

B&R Website Banner brand language Brainstorm

Lloyd Grey was delighted to help this multi-generation family business become globally competitive, maintain pricing and grow market share.

B&R Enclosures website brand language Length and Breadth


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“We approached Lloyd Grey for a branding exercise because we didn’t have a cohesive brand position. They added most value by expressing our brand story. The process was very accommodating, we felt like there was an alignment and overall very good results.”

Chris Bridges-Taylor, General Manager, B&R Enclosures

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