Brand and packaging with healthy appeal

Good Morning Cereals is a grain-puffing business run by a couple who are passionate about pure, simple food. When they bought the business they needed a new brand and packaging as the foundation for future growth.

Good Morning Cereals before the rebrand

Good Morning Cereals wanted a brand look and feel that reflected the purity and simplicity of their puffed organic grains. The packaging inherited with the business was functional but didn’t have any presence on retailers’ shelves. 

Lloyd Grey Design Good Morning Cereal's logo brand mark design
Good Morning Cereals Brown Rice Puffs packaging photograph
Good Morning Cereals Buckwheat Puffs packaging photograph
Good Morning Cereals Millet Puffs packaging photograph

Good Morning Cereals wanted to support Australian farmers wherever possible and market their grains to customers of health-food stores. The source of the grains and the minimal processing were part of the story of a nutritious breakfast cereal or baking ingredient perfect for everyone, including many people with allergies. (For stockists and delicious recipes please follow the website link at the bottom of the page.)

Good Morning Cereals Tasty Natural Muesli

Lloyd Grey’s brand work and packaging received an immediate positive response from retailers and sales of some lines jumped 20 per cent. Enquiries for export started to arrive too. The attractive simplicity of the packaging earned it a Design Institute of Australia Commendation award. 

Lloyd Grey Design Good Morning Cereal's brand website design

Since the early brand work in 2004, Lloyd Grey has continued to support the Good Morning Cereals brand. The company has built on its confident brand foundation and now supplies to big-name manufacturers of health bars, gluten-free fare and baked goods, as well as its traditional retailers.

Lloyd Grey Design Good Morning Cereal's brand stationery design


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“It is now over 15 years ago since we bought Good Morning Cereals and asked Lloyd Grey to rebrand and design new packaging for the business. Their depth of understanding of our business in those early days has given us a solid base to grow our brand and has added real value to our business. Lloyd Grey has also been involved in developing several business strategies where we have always relied on their objective thinking, their strong principles and their unwavering commitment to quality and consistency.”

Jill Allwright, Owner, Good Morning Cereals

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