New zeal for hospitality with a brand transformation

A well-developed brand underpins both external and internal success indicators. Zealifi’s total brand transformation not only achieved market differentiation but inspired a positive and passionate employee culture.

Lloyd Grey Design Zealifi new logo brand mark and positioning statement design

When Zealifi first approached Lloyd Grey, they were Academy Hospitality Australia. They knew they needed help to create a distinctive brand but initially they were more focused on improving their marketing tools than growing the brand itself.

A series of Lloyd Grey workshops gave new insights into the company’s potential – and it’s genuine passion for changing the hospitality industry through great training. The name change was just the start of defining a strong, passionate brand with a mission to improve the culture of hospitality. New language, a new visual style and a brand booklet captured their emerging sense of possibility and purpose.

Lloyd Grey Design Zealifi website home page

In the process of transforming their brand, Zealifi discovered that not only had they achieved a clearer, more competitive market position but they were also inspiring their employees to live the new brand claims. This has changed the whole culture of the company and motivated everyone to take a new approach. Zealifi’s owner and Managing Director, Justin McGurgan, says the brand is now something everyone talks about with excitement and the conversation is no longer just about processes. In other words, the brand is not just about saying you’re different but being different.

Lloyd Grey Design Zealifi Raising the Barista brand design
Lloyd Grey Design Zealifi Just Deserts brand design

Initially Zealifi found the time investment needed for the brand exploration challenging but now, with the new brand look-and-feel fully integrated into their marketing, they are highly enthusiastic about the lasting value of what they have achieved with the help of the Lloyd Grey process and brand mentoring.

Lloyd Grey Design Zealifi brand rollout info graphic design


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“Lloyd Grey’s great value was in educating us about what our brand can be. They pulled out of our heads an understanding of why are we doing what we are doing and how we can change our world. And we found the process completely enjoyable.”

Justin McGurgan, Owner and Managing Director, Zealifi

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