Creating a brand to reflect dynamic thinking

Since 1994, De Luca Corporation – a medium-sized development and construction firm – had built a successful business but its brand, staff culture and marketing approach had not kept pace with its growing aspirations.

De Luca website design on tablet

De Luca needed to take its brand to the next level not only to position itself more competitively but also to build a shared culture and a clear vision that could be the foundation for sustainable growth. It wanted to attract and recruit the right people and generate collective enthusiasm for its mission.

DeLuca site foreman with high viz vest on construction site

In the research phase, Lloyd Grey focused on uncovering De Luca’s ‘brand truth’ by talking to stakeholders and reviewing the market position of its competitors. We focused on ‘why’ they do things and the qualities they really value  (not just predictable corporate values) so their differentiation would be based on real qualities and genuine motivations.

De Luca The Beliefs That Shape Us brand brochure cover design

Lloyd Grey’s strategy centred around developing and promoting a shared understanding between the development and construction divisions and finding a clear and authentic brand space that De Luca could own. This then needed to be expressed in visual and verbal language that would inspire clients and staff alike.

De Luca Head Office 3D signage design
De Luca interior brand design fit-out showing meeting room glass graphics

The brand looks beyond the day-to-day processes of construction to the whole possibility of building better futures. The tagline ‘the future is ours to build’ captures the essence of this positioning.

De Luca pull-up brand banner designs

The visual solution complements this positioning with striking graphics that reflect De Luca’s dual perspective and natural affinity for elegance. In the property market, where style and aesthetics are crucial, it creates a bold and contemporary statement.

De Luca construction site signage design
De Luca For Sale signage design

Lloyd Grey adapted the new logo and messaging for a range of signage, communication channels and marketing tools. The complete package encouraged new staff pride in the brand and gave De Luca a very distinctive position in the crowded construction industry.


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“Lloyd Grey has added the greatest value to the brief, firstly taking the time to understand our business, the Discovery Workshops were invaluable. Secondly, they also took the time to engage with internal and external stakeholders and get their honest feedback on the brand.

“The rebrand has been wonderful for culture within our business, it’s given our staff and senior leadership team the opportunity to understand the purpose of our business and understand the history of the business a lot more.”

Nic De Luca, Managing Director, De Luca Corporation

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